Error 526 with Bluehost dedicated hosting PLEASE HELP

Hi Everyone, any help would be massively appreciated.

I am working on a site. It was previously on Bluehost shared hosting with an SSL. It’s not on Bluehost dedicated hosting. The website in questions is via this link (I’ve added a shortened url so that my clients domain is partially private)

The site was running fine although I noticed the SSL was still showing the SSL from the shared hosting even after the migration to bluehost dedicated hosting (do I need to purchase a new one? I thought I could use the one issued by cloudflare but may as well ask).

So then I decided to create a clouflare account for the my client. I added the domain and then in 'godaddy where I bought the domain I changed the nameservers to cloudflare). I also updated the A record in cloudflare to point to the dedicated server IP:

After it was propagated I generated an origin cert and added it to my Bluehost server.

I waited a day but for 24 hours my site showed an Error 526 SSL validation issue. Upon checking the certificate it showed it was secure but showing the previous SSL cert and not the cloudflare one. Also if I add my domain with www. in front it did not redirect to https and instead showed a blank page with error: Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details. (18)

Here’s what I attemped:

  1. Changed the SSL from Full (strict) to Full
  • There was no change
  1. Changed the SSL to Flexible
  • This then removed the Error 526 and allowed me to access the website BUT with an SSL risk warning BUT then when I check the SSL cert it was now the Cloudflare cert (which was what I wanted but without the warnings).
  1. I went back into my Bluehost dedicated hosting cpanel to check the SSL. The primary domains had green padlocks next to them but the ‘’ in the same FQDNS section had red padlocks against them.
  2. To get the site back up and running I: Switched the DNS A record to my IP to DNS only which then obviously goes straight to the site but was still getting the risk warnings so I then reinstalled the previous SSL (non cloudflare) which got rid of the issue but obviously now my site is passing cloudflare and essentially ignoring it.

I’ve spoken to 5 different people at Bluehost who have just ran through the same troubleshooting.

I’ve also read through so many different posts about this same or similar issue in this forum and others and still not fond a solution. I cannot tell you the days effort I spent.

If anyone is able to help advise or even better jump on a screenshare with me I will compensate them or a charity of their choosing. I really want to be able to use cloudflare and not have to use another CDN (which i may still have the same issues with anyway).

Many thanks

ShortURL isn’t redirecting ntAD5 to a site.

When the site was on Bluehost, did you use their Cloudflare integration? Many hosts, such as Bluehost, add hostnames to their Cloudflare account, taking over :orange: Proxied requests for customers on Cloudflare.

Your Test #4 indicates this is what’s going on. If I’m correct, then you’ll have to ask Bluehost to completely remove your domain from their Cloudflare configuration.

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Firstly Thank you Sdayman for your quick response

Yes when it was in a shared hosting package I did enable the integrated cloudflare option but since then have removed the domain as an assigned domain from my shared hosting account and added it to our dedicated.

That’s interesting let me try calling Bluehost and seeing if there is some kind of left over configuration on their end in cloudflare. How would that be possible if the domain was removed from the account? Either I will do as you advised. Also if me providing you with the domain adds any further insights please
do let me know. Thank you

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Sdayman you did!!! you were absolutely right and I never would have found the solution without you and neither what Bluehost. Thank you so much. I’d be more than happy to send you some money if you have a revolut card or something similar? or I can donate to a charity of your choice. I’m based in the UK if that matters. Thank you so much!! I’m so grateful for your help!

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Your success is thanks enough. I’m glad it’s all settled now.

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