Error 526 when visiting site or too many redirects

Hi guys

I really have a huge problem with my website , hope you can help me out.
When visiting my page, the home page and all other parent pages are loading fine.
But when you go to a sub page, he gives the error of too many redirects. What have I tried since yesterday.
In Cloudfare: Setting the SSL to Full Strict. Made a certificate within Cloudfare and installed it correctly on my origin server (the host checked it out and it should be ok).
When i’ve done this, my website went totally down with the error 526:

So for now I have paused my site on Cloudfare and now you will get ‘Too Many Redirects’ when I’m visiting a sub page. e.g.

I hope you guys can help me out.

Thanks in advance



I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with 526 error.

Furthermore, I checked and I got SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER.

Nevertheless, I see you have installed Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate.

This is good.

May I ask if you are using a GoDaddy hosting?

Hi Fritex…
I don’t use GoDaddy, I’m using Vimexx hosting.

Some more information…
I’ve enabled the site on Cloudfare again and then runned diagnosctics:

It gives the following errors:

I just don’t get it… It runned smoothly for months…
Hope you have advice to fix this :slight_smile:

(Gonna pauze it again now for some reachability)

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