Error 526 when using CloudFlare free certificate


I"m using Cloudflare free certificate for long time and it worked perfect till yesterday.
I do get “Error 526”.

The indication I"m getting on Cloudflare console is that the certificate is active and set to auto renew.

Please advise.

Many Thanks!


Hi there!

If it worked until yesterday, it is likely you need to renew the certificate on your server.

A 526 means you have an invalid cert installed on your server, it is not related to the Cloudflare cert on the edge.

Instead of renewing your current cert, you could install a free Cloudflare Origin Certificate.


I don’t have certificate on the server. I only using Cloudflare free certificate.
So it’s related to Cloudflare certificate.

Please advise.



That error cannot be related to the Cloudflare certificate. If it worked before but now shows that error, you have an issue with the certificate on the server that you need to address.

Ok, will re-check my server.

Many Thanks!

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