Error 526: SSL Problem

I have a problem with SSL. I made the updates but the site is still in error. I already follow the instruction here: Step 2: Setting up SSL with Cloudflare
Here’s the screenshot of the error.

My setting is: Full (Strict) and Always Use HTTPS: ON

Can you help me? What should i do?


Does your server have a valid SSL Certificate for your domain? It would have been reachable with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare.

No. I’m using and it doesn’t have free SSL. So I thought I could use Cloudflare’s SSL

Cloudflare provides a certificate for your domain only on its own edge servers. You still need one on your server. If your host does not support that you need to switch to a host which does.

Okay, Make sense. I will try different hosting. Thanks a lot.

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