Error 526 SSL invalid

My website has been having problem.
I am getting the message Error 526 invalid SSL
My domain

Please help. My website is not working.
Just to let you know. My SSL is full not full (strict)

Rupali Paul

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That’s an issue. It should be Full strict and you should make sure you have a valid certificate on your server, which does not seem to be the case either.

  1. Switch to Full strict
  2. Fix your server certificate

It appears the certificate expired yesterday. You’d need to renew it.

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Hello ,

Thanks for your response.
I have changed it back to Full (Strict)
And I do have a valid certificate.
Please check the attachment.

Can you tell me how I can make my website work again.


You don’t have a valid certificate. As I already mentioned your certificate expired yesterday and you need to renew that. Your screenshot only shows the proxy certificate.

Talk to your host and make sure that your certificate is renewed and the site will work again.


Thanks for the response.
My website was bought on 21 Feb 2021, and got my SSL certificate for the whole year.
I don’t know why it is expired as it shows that it is still valid.

I checked on SSL checker also. Why would it expire if it is for whole year starting from Feb 2021 , the day I purchased my website hosting and domain from Blue host.
Also can u tell me what is proxy certificate?


I am afraid you need to clarify the certificate validity with your host. If that was a free certificate it typically is only valid for three months. You can also look into Cloudflare’s own Origin certificates.

As for the proxies, I’d suggest to check out and #tutorials.

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