Error 526 problem


After purchasing a dedicated SSL certificate for my site a week or two ago and using it with Full (strict), the site had been working fine, but this morning, before I had a chance to get to my computer, I had a 10-hour outage due to error 526.

I finally solved this by changing SSL from Full (strict) -> Full. Is this what I should have had the site on in the first place after enabling the dedicated SSL and disabling the universal one?

I have another site that is still up but also running a dedicated SLL on full (strict), so also want to know if I should change that one too.


The SSL you either get for free or purchase from Cloudflare doesn’t change what the “SSL” setting in the crypto tab should be. This setting indicates how Cloudflare should encrypt the connection between CF and your server.

The “Full (strict)” setting means Cloudflare will connect to your server with encryption (ssl/tls) and will also verify the certificate your server presents. This means your server needs either a Cloudflare Origin certificate, or a real Certificate Authority-issued certificate to work, otherwise CF will give visitors error 526.

The “full” setting means it will connect encrypted, but CF won’t verify the certificate presented. This means you can use any valid certificate pair, even self-signed, to encrypt the connection.

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