Error 526 on linking from facebook

For the site (partial nsfw)

I get 526 error on sometimes but not on
always get 526 error from facebook links to

managed setup.
any ideas?


Overall, the reason for 526 is Full (strict) mode. For a domain particularly, you need to change the mode of SSL as Full from Full (strict) mode. Check on the issue of whether it still exists or not!

Go to the sites Cloudfare dashboard, SSL/TSL Overview tab and change the “SSL/TSL encryption mode” from “Full (strict)” to “Full”.

Thank you putting it on full worked. Is it because its a managed setup that strict doesn’t work? haven’t seen the errors on other sites with full setup.

No offence, but that’s not good advice as that will make the site less secure. Cloudflare won’t verify the certificate any more and anyone could take over the traffic.

@andersjohansson, you should fix your server certificate instead and switch back to Full strict.

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yea i know but the site have to be up , payed campaign ongoing. The SSL on hostinger is working as far as I can see.

If you get a 526 the certificate won’t be working as you’d otherwise not get that error.

Fixing that really should only take a couple of minutes. Make sure you have a valid certificate and switch back to Strict.

The SSL installation issues caused by Cloudflare

As i didn’t got a reply from support and it was a bit urgent I made a cloudflare origin certificate and uploaded. apparently this overwrites the certificate that was already there. Any downside from using this except cloudflare must be on*?

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