Error 526 Just On Subdomain While Full(Strict) Mode is On


I’ve configured the cloudflare certificate on my server side. No problem with main page and other directories while Cloudflare Full(strict) mode is on but just my subdomain gives error 526 which is a Wordpress blog. There is no problem with just Full mode but I want to make it Full(strict).

I’ve read other topics about error 526 but couldn’t fixed it. Any help would be appreciated.

As the message says, you dont have a valid certificate on that host. Configure a valid certificate on your server and the issue will fix itself.

If my certificate is not valid, how it works with the main page and other directories?

On these other hosts you will have a valid certificate. You said it yourself, it is just one particular host. Unproxy the record in question and you will get a certificate warning.

You need to fix the certificate on your host.

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Hello Sandro. Thank for your help.

I’ve unproxied the record as you said and it turns out my subdomain’s certificate comes from another website’s certificate which I’ve never heard before! Here is the screenshot. Although it’s in Turkish, you may see it.

Is this because of Cloudflare or my hosting?

That, you need to clarify with your host.

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Hooray! I’ve fixed it. Thank you very much.
It turned out my hosting was treating my subdomain like an another website on plesk. I’ve configured the same certificate to it and the problem solved out!

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