Error 526 Invalid SSL

Since this morning getting error 526. Previously everything worked fine.

There must be an invalid certificate on your origin. Check that and make sure it is a proper certificate, renew in case it has expired.

A quick search would have actually revealed that :wink:

Yes. The certificate is valid and was issued four days ago on Cloudflare and its active. Any idias?

Issued on Cloudflare? Which certificate?

Once more, please read the linked article.

Found the problem. I was using Full strict ssl. It worked in first but that was the problem apparently.

Full strict is what you should be using. For the third time, you need to make sure you have a valid certificate on your origin.

The linked article clarifies all of that.

Understud. What can I do about this?

The attached screenshot is irrelevant to the problem at hand. I can only repeat what I already wrote in the first response

The certificate on your server is invalid and as long as you dont fix that the error message will stay.

It looks like a valid certificate. Please help.

What certificate do you get when you hit your server directly, bypassing Cloudflare?

How can I do this? When using the origin IP I get coming soon page…

You’d need to enter the IP into your hosts file along with your domain.

Do you feel comfortable disclosing the origin IP here?

here it is

True, the certificate does look alright. The only reason I could image that Cloudflare could throw that error is maybe because of an incomplete certificate chain, but considering the certificate is signed by their own I would be pretty confident to rule that out.

I’d set it temporarily to Full (to get it working again), contact support and clarify why they show that error with a valid origin certificate in place, and once that is solved set it back to Full strict.

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Thank you for tour help.

Do you know how to contact support? I only see help page and community.