Error 526 Invalid SSL Certificate


For my website I use the SSL options that Cloudflare provide. Before I started using Cloudflare I had my own custom SSL certificate installed on my website. This certificate expired today and suddenly my website shows the Error 526: Invalid SSL Certificate. I thought I did not have to renew my own SSL certificate because I’m using https by Cloudflare now. So why does my website show this error?

The custom SSL is now deleted by my hosting, but what can I do to get my site back online?

Thanks for your help!

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Marvin Grouw

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You should have the SSL mode set to Full which requires a cert on the server as well.

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Thats the reason for the error.

You still need a certificate. In you case you could switch to “Full” instead of “Full strict” as the former will also work with an invalid certificate, but the latter (with a proper certificate) is always preferable.


If your SSL cert is no longer on the hosting, you can always install a Cloudflare Origin cert (SSL/TLS app of your CF dashboard) or one from Let’s Encrypt.

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