Error 526 | Invalid SSL certificate

Hello guys. Since yesterday on my server i’m seeing Error 526 | Invalid SSL certificate. I’m experienced user with CF settings.

First of all i want let you know i setup the settings on my CF account 7 months ago and didn’t make any kind of modifications. As first day i setup the CF configurations i use STRIC SSL mode.

My site was working well until today.

On server site i make updates as always, ( it’s wordpres based site, plugin updates, theme updates etc ) all kind of usually updates on this CMS platform, regurally updates as alaways.

I contacted my hosting of this error and they said the error is not coming from them. I think they lie on this issue as the error, I just wanted to ask here If anyone is experiencing the same error as I am experiencing.

It’s pretty strange website was working well 7months and today this error happends. Can someone give me his/her opinion about this issue?

Thanks for your time.

Probably because the certificate on your origin has expired. You can replace it with a Cloudflare origin certificate or renew the certificate that was previously on your origin server.

Hello @cscharff and thanks for your coment.

The origin certificate has no expired yet. The SSL expiren on december 2022. I contacted again on hosting support and they said its CF error. As i use Strict SSL , CF generates the SSL so maybe it’s error from CF. I’ve tested with online tools origin SSL and it’s all okey.

This issue appear suddenly and i don’t know why…

Either the origin server certificate is expired or it doesn’t match the host name. Those are the 2 conditions which would generic 526 error.

How did you determine the origin certificate doesn’t expire until December? I think if you actually check on the origin server you will find that isn’t the case.

Hello again :slight_smile: Hosting provider said 22-12-2022. So i don’t know where the error comes from. I’m so confused about this issue.

Follow the steps in the linked article above and check for yourself? You said you thought they might not know what they are talking about so you’d need to confirm.

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I still think they are missing something… Sadly i can’t try to get this information because i don’t have SSH access.

On ther other hand they said, that the CF settings on SSL doesn’t allow the origin server renew. I don’t know even how to understand this concept.

They literally said this:

"If you have it in full (strict) the problem is that for the system to work it is necessary that both in Cloudflare and in the hosting where the web is (us), the domain has a valid SSL certificate installed.
Your Cloudflare configuration for the SSL certificate, prevents the certificate on Our Hosting from being autorenewed. This appears to be a change that Cloudflare has recently made to the way it handles its Full Strict system.

This has been able to do that when our certificate has expired on the server, as it could not be renewed, you have started to give problems the site for the first thing I tell you, full strict needs the SSL in Cloudflare and hosting to work, with the problem that from here has not been able to renew the certificate."

I’m completly lost.

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