Error 526 Invalid SSL certificate with subdomain with Cloudflare enabled, works fine with Cloudflare paused

If I have Cloudflare enabled, I get an Error 526 page for a subdomain (I’m having trouble inserting links into my post at the moment)

When I pause Cloudflare, the subdomain links load successfully.

Meanwhile, content on the main domain loads fine, regardless if Cloudflare is enabled or paused.

Please help.

Please advise.

Hi, if you do not have a certificate for the subdomain and you are not using a wildcard certificate either, this will cause the issue you are describing. Post or send your URLs so we can check and possibly help.

Having difficulty adding links. Text editor says to use pre-formatted option repeatedly, despite adding link from the menu bar above text box.

But Hostinger, the site’s host provider, says the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate covers the main domain as well as subdomains.

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