Error 526 Invalid SSL certificate - Please help


I have bought new domain from porkbun and added into my hosting.
Later I changed name server with Cloudflare and enable Full (Strict) SSL yesterday.
But today I can see this error is coming on the website. please see below screenshot how to resolve this.
I can confirm that there is no SSL from domain registrar.

Do you mean your hosting provider does not provide SSL certificate and only HTTP traffic is allowed?

If that’s the case, you may switch SSL/TLS encryption mode to Flexible temporarily (Note: this is not the best practice and you should have SSL certificate provided by the hosting provider or installed in the origin server)

The reason I have registered on Cloudflare to get optimize website and free SSL. Have done the same for other wesbsites but for this new domain I am getting this error.

Both domain registrar and hosting is not providing any SSL right now because I want Cloudflare SSL.

Try switching SSL/TLS encryption mode from Full (strict) to Full. I believe that your hosting provider provides SSL/TLS certificate (but an invalid SSL/TLS certificate) since Cloudflare returns error 526.

If you set the encryption mode to Full, Cloudflare will not validate the SSL/TLS certificate from the origin, but you still get encryption end-to-end from visitor to Cloudflare, and from Cloudflare to your origin.

Thanks, that actually worked instantly.

That is bad advice I am afraid as it makes your site less secure.

The encryption mode should be “Full strict” and “Full strict” only.

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Yes, this is actually a bad advice, but it might be suitable for some people who do not have control over their websites (e.g. installation of SSL certificate).

Of course, if possible, @shaikhmansoor69 try to have a valid SSL certificate in your origin.

If one does not have control over such a fundamental part, it is better to change host. One shouldn’t be forced by his to apply insecure settings by having to use invalid certificates.

I got your point.

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