Error 526: Invalid SSL certificate on Yandex mail

Recently i buy dedicated ssl also i use full (strict) for my website, i use it to will be secure but now my mail services (Yandex) is not function it’s says https://mail. anhdoge .net | 526: Invalid Certificate.

CNAME of mail alias domain. mail. yandex .net (CDN is on) but if i will removed https:// to http and turn off CDN on domain .mail. yandex .net certificate of my site is not worked.

Your host is currently not proxied through Cloudflare and seems to work just fine.

what should i do to fix it?

Fix what works fine? :confused:

works fine but i have only facing problem with yandex mail using my web subdomain

For starters, you have changed the settings at this point and you proxying now.

Secondly, I dont get the same error as you do but a 526, which in context of your error, would indicate that you do not have a valid certificate on your server. However this is still the CNAME, right? In that case you probably cant configure a proper certificate for your domain on their server. Can you post a screenshot of your current DNS settings?

here sir

So, yeah, it is a CNAME for Yandex. Do they support adding custom domains for this case? If they do you need to follow their tutorial to add your domain. If they dont you naturally cant set it up like that.

Alternatively, you could try instead.

they support custom domains now a days but after i buy dedicated ssl on Cloudflare, yandex mail doesn’t work

The dedicated certificate on Cloudflare does not affect Yandex. Did you configure your domain on Yandex? Did you try the alternative I posted?

i already did sir but after i buy dedicated ssl that will happend

Can you post a screenshot of the DNS settings with the changed record?

what changes i need to changed sir?

You just confirmed you tried it, didnt you?

i did not changed anything on dns settings before

this topic not solved -.-

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