Error 526 - Invalid SSL Cert

Hello, I am having issues with my site ’

I installed the certificate correctly here are some checker links:

My site is currently paused in Cloudflare and no issues were found with my certificate. However in a browser it states Error 526, Invalid SSL Certificate.

I also already went through these: (Resulted in no fix)

[Edit] It appears that this error only occurs in Full(Strict) mode, however the Certificate is installed correctly & signed by Cloudflare?

These check the proxy certificate. You need to fix your server certificate.

I’d suggest to pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), fix whatever you need to fix, and unpause Cloudflare only once your site works on HTTPS.

I am a little confused since the certificate is installed on the origin server correctly.

Did it work when you pause Cloudflare as suggested?

When CloudFlare is paused the site works. When unpaused the site DNS changes to this “findagameserver” site. Or the site refuses to work on Full(Strict).

However I would like to use CloudFlare so I can get access to other functions, etc.

Can you unpause again?

Unpaused should go through CF now.

It is, but it is loading fine.


For me I now get NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID (Tried VPN fix but nothing)
Also the sites A records changed to these and that’s not what is suppose to be directed towards.

That is as it is supposed to be with an Origin certificate.

Which encryption mode do you have selected now?

I have it set to Full(Strict) though it appears to be working now ?

We are good, weirdly appears to be working now.

Should be working then. You have the right encryption mode and a proper certificate.

Yeah, was weird idk why I kept getting issues. Well thank you for taking the time to assist me!