Error 526 in my site

We have error 526 when i changed my plan from pro to free , Our SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full , Also tried Full (strict) nothing change

But the problem still there , can not open my wordpress ever

Did you mean, you still get Error 526 while setting the SSL mode to Full?

Yes , Mr Erictung

If you visit your site directly (e.g. https://<IP> if the site’s setup right) what do you get? Some server cert errors are OK for CloudFlare SSL modes (e.g. self signed certificate) however some I’m not sure about (e.g. expired server certificate)

A self-signed certificate will also break in Cloudflare’s context. You’ll always need a valid public certificate.

error 526
Invalid SSL certificate

For Full or only Strict?

That still sounds like a likely CloudFlare error. Had you directly visited https:<your server ip> ?

Full will accept any certificate but Full should never be chosen in the first place.

Yes it’s just Full

A dig on that domain lists (among the others) as a possible IP. Going to gives the warning ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH, which may suggest an old/unsupported version of SSL on your origin server.

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