Error 526 - have been running cloudflare for months no issues

This morning Cloudflare brought down my website with error 526 invalid ssl certificate. I had setup Cloudflare back in August to work with my SSL and haven’t had any SSL related issues since.

This morning after seeing a horrible CPA on the ads running to my site I see that the 526 error message. My SSL is still active and valid for another 6 months. I disabled Cloudflare, and am able to access my site normally again. Chrome, firefox and edge all say my security certificate is valid and active.

This has cost me a lot of money, has anyone else run into Cloudflare randomly saying valid SSL’s are invalid?


no. No problems here.

What’s your SSL sonfiguration at CF?
If you use “Full strict” you may try Full. If your page is accessible, there might be something wrong with your cert.

Who is the issuer of your certificate?
Rember that Google has withdrawn confidence of Symantec certs.
Others may follow though i guess this would have been announced by CF.

Validation requirements:
The certificate expiration date has not already passed (which is not)
The certificate is signed by a certificate authority (such as GlobalSign, Verisign, GeoTrust, Comodo, etc) and is not a self-signed SSL certificate.
The requested domain name (hostname) is in the Common Name or Subject Alternative Name configuration of the certificate.

A 526 is typically due to an issue with the SSL on the origin server, which may or may not be procured by Cloudflare. Do you have a support ticket number I can look at for more detail on your particulars?

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