Error 526(Full Strict Enabled) PLEASE HELP

Hello, I’m the owner of the domain get sparo .com. I registered the domain in Google Domains and the web hosting is through GoDaddy. I recently created an Origin CA Certificate from Cloudflare to put on my website hosting from Godaddy. I used the Cpanel to upload the certification key and private key for the certificate, and got a confirmation that it was uploaded. However, when I went to change the SSL encryption mode from Full to Full Strict, error 526 kept popping up(See below). Keep in mind that I expected to work completely fine on Full Strict as other tutorials have shown. I double-checked to make sure it wasn’t expired.

I followed the tutorials from the community tabs and from the forums to try and solve this issue. For example, I used the cURL tester, and I noticed that it kept saying that “the target principal name is incorrect”.

I also used the sslshopper website to test if anything was wrong with my certificate and was notified that “None of the common names in the certificate match the name that was entered”(see images attached). I also checked to see if the names lined up for the certificate and they do(see below). I looked for over 6 hours and have yet to find a solution to this problem, so could anyone please help me to get my website to load correctly with Full Strict enabled to ensure maximum encryption? Thank you!

Please disregard the spaces in my domain, it wouldn’t let me upload without it. Here are the other pictures of what’s wrong:


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with the SSL.

Thank you for feedback information and the screenshots you’ve provided from above posts.

May I ask fi you purchased a Web hosting at GoDaddy which come with an SSL certificate, or rather the one which doesn’t? :thinking:

I ask because there are some topics in past which I remember users have had some issues with GoDaddy, but might not be the same case with you (hopefully).

It didn’t come with a certificate.

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I apologize for the post being hidden, some bot hid it for spam.

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O-oh, that’s what I am afraid of is the issue with a GoDaddy as a web hosting provider then :confused:

Might end-up in a loop with them and here about having a successfull HTTPS.

Could be I am wrong about it, but that’s what I remember from my experience and similar topics about GoDaddy & SSL issues if we’d use a search :search: button.

Until then, kindly, I’d suggest you to wait for a next reply for any possible feedback information and helpful answer about this from someone more experienced in SSL issues.

Alright, thanks for trying to help!

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