Error 526 - DNS subdomain for windows in linux host and Valid SSL

First I read this document : Community Tip - Fixing Error 526: Invalid SSL certificates

I have test my subdomain in SSL Checker and I saw that there was no issue.

I have windows 2016 and used the Certboot to install Let’s Encrypt SSL in my windows , everything was ok until I decide using the cloudflare for CDN and Security , Now I add my subdomain in the dns of cloudflare but I still get this error :

Would you please tell me what is the problem and how fix this issue ?
Thanks everyone.

what is your domain name?
and secondly , pls share a screenshot of your SSL page in Cloudflare dashboard

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It is subdomain and I will send you info ,
This is one time text and just first time will show you : - One Time Self Destructing Links For Sharing Sensitive Information
these are the images of SSL


Hi @av_admin_1984

I received your email , can u pls share your domain name to get more assistance

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Hi and Thanks for reply
I shared my domain and subdomain in that email. But for security reason I don’t want to share theme in public.
Should I send the domain name in email ?

Hi, I received your email, the error which u are facing is known as 5xx-error-landing, by visiting your website, I can clearly see that there is a problem with the host server not with Cloudflare , can u tell me which hosting provider u are using?
another reason might be that the origin web server does not have a valid SSL certificate.

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Hi and thanks for reply
That site is on windows server 2019 and have Valid SSL Let’s Encrypt
If you cheek the domain in SSL cheeker online , you see that there is no problem with that
There is no hosting provider , it is my own server that is Co-located
Before I connect my domain into Cloudflare the site haven’t any problem

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