Error 526 Deep Dive, no fix - 10 emails between me and tech support

Day 2 ripping my hair out with this Error 526 that nobody can seem to resolve. It doesn’t matter if I have Strict enabled or not. Still generates an Error 526. I have completely removed all certificates from the origin server, generated a new Origin Cert on CF, installed it fresh, with the private keys. Same Error 526 persists. SSL Checker and SSL Labs show perfect marks. No errrors, Full Chain, etc.

I opened a ticket yesterday and the tech a CF doesn’t seem to know what is going on. Is there anyone who can help me resolve this? Probabaly nobody cares but I’m tipping whoever helps me fix this with Cryptocurrency or Paypal/Venmo. (your choice).

The slow replies of CF support are basically unbearable, especially when they say stuff like “Looks good from our end” and that’s all.

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