Error 526 but Origin Certificate Not Expired?

A few hours ago, some of my sites (all in one dedi) went down because Cloudflare is showing ERROR 526 and said origin certificate has expired.

I was outside with poor internet and without laptop. So I login to CF and set SSL from Full (strict) to Full for all the sites, ensure the sites are loading for the time being.

Now that I’m back, I thought somehow the renewal process broke (cron running certbot) and run the renewal manually. To my surprise, certbot says Cert not yet due for renewal. Seems like the cert was last generated on Feb 24. That means this cert should not be showing up as expired.

I changed CF’s settings to Full (strict) and there are no issues.

So in summary:

  • CF says cert invalid; Sites down
  • Temporarily change to Full; Sites up
  • Attempt to renew origin certs; no renewal cause they are already valid (from Feb 14 to May 25).
  • Change CF’s settings to Full (strict); no issues.

What gives?!

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