Error 525 with ovh

When I look with google dig I saw that my website is not on cloudfare SETUP servers.

May I ask have you recently:

  1. Added your domain to your Cloudflare account?
  2. Changed the nameservers to Cloudflare one’s for your domain name at your domain registar?
  3. Waited for some time due to proper DNS propagation?
  4. What is your domain name?

Regarding error 525, it should have to be something with SSL certificate at your host/origin and Cloudflare SSL options. Kindly see here:

Seems to me you did not have had an SSL certificate installed at your host/origin server before moving to Cloudflare?

Moreover, if you have had it, maybe you have wrongly selected/setup the SSL settings at Cloudflare dashboard.

If so, kindly re-check with the suggestions from the below article how to properly setup the SSL with Cloudflare:

Helpful article about SSL settings available at Cloudflare:

To troubleshoot, check here:

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Possible, similar with OVH the recent topic here:

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