Error 525 when SSL is Full and Too many redirects when SSL is flexible/off

When I switch to full/full strict I get error 525 SSL Handshake Failed and when its set to flexible/off I get ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
I have edge and origin certificates for the site too. Any help?

“Flexible” connects to your origin using only HTTP so is not secure and shouldn’t be used.

“Full (strict)” (not “Full”) should be used in order to validate your server certificate. A 525 error indicates SSL isn’t working on your origin for some reason.

Pause Cloudflare, or set the DNS to “DNS only”, then check if SSL is working when requests are direct to your origin. Note that if you are using a Cloudflare origin certificate you should expect a warning about the certificate as it’s only trusted by Cloudflare.

If unsure, post back when paused/“DNS only” and people can look at your origin SSL and certificate directly to see what is wrong.

Once fixed, you can re-enable Cloudflare.

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I connected to google sites for I paused cloudflare but how do I know if SSL is working or not?

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Set the record for to “DNS only” instead of proxied. Google needs to see the CNAME directly and should then generate your origin SSL certificate for you.

If it doesn’t work after a while, check your settings at Google to ensure they enable SSL there.

Once that’s working you can unpause Cloudflare (although with “DNS only”, those requests will still go direct to Google).

No way tysm it didn’t work instantly, but I checked a few hours later and now it works thanks

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