ERROR 525 - SSL handshake failed -

Hi there,

URGENT issue - website down
Since some days, after touching nothing I get my website down with this error : ERROR 525 - SSL handshake failed.
I’ve read and followed instruction of same topics issue but I can’t solve it.

“Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview Page (lower right corner), then wait five minutes for it to take effect. Then you’ll be able to see what type of certificate the site has." But the website doesn’t work.

My website:

What should I do to get this website running again ?
Thanks for your help

In that case that verified that your server is not properly configured and Cloudflare’s error message is spot on. You need to talk to your host to get your site properly loading on HTTPS.

Keep Cloudflare paused until your site is actually loading.

I contacted my host and they would like to know if we it’s possible to connect a domain name without modifying the name servers.


Possible yes, but it will require a Business plan and a CNAME setup.

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