Error 525 - SSL handshake failed



Yesterday evening my site was working fine. But since this morning i’m facing a 525 error when i try to connect to it.
I called at my host but they said that the problem was problably coming from cloudflare since this is where my SSL Certificate is.

In Cripto, the certificate was set on “Full”.
When I try to set it on “Flexible” only half of the elements of the site appear normally

When I go to DNS I see orange and grey clouds but I don’t really know what they refer too.

Thanks for your answer and help.




There’s an SSL error on your server. If you want to confirm this, set all A and AAAA records for and www to :grey:

Your SSL was set to Full? Or was it Full (Strict)? My guess is the certificate on your server expired.


Thanks for answering.
I set all the clouds on grey, what am I supposed to see or where do I see the confirmation?

It was on “Full” not strict.
The certificate was on cloudflare.

So what can I do now?



You’ll see the following (because your server doesn’t have an SSL certificate for your domain). If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your web server, you’ll need to set it to Flexible, and then troubleshoot the errors you see that come with Flexible. Or just get your host to put an SSL certificate on your server.


I just called my host they said they can’t do anything because the domain is now on Cloudflare…

I normally have an SSL Certificate (as I said yesterday everything was still working fine).
I’d like to stay on SSL Full


Your host doesn’t understand how Cloudflare works. You can’t use Full unless you get the cooperation of your host.


But yesterday the host understanded very well, so why did I change suddenly…


Only your host can say. As you can see in the screenshot above, your web server does not have a working SSL certificate.


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