ERROR 525 - SSL handshake failed - website down

Hi there,

URGENT issue - website down
Since today, after touching nothing I get my website down with this error : ERROR 525 - SSL handshake failed.
I’ve read and followed instruction of same topics issue but I can’t solve it.

  1. SSL certificate
  • “Contact your Web Server it’s the source of the problem (SSL certificate not activated on their side)”
  • this is what I did but web hoster (OVH) says I used cloudflare SSL certificate and the problem is not on their side
  1. HTTPS 443 port
  • this port is open and no issue on OVH side

What should I do to get this website running again ?
Thanks for your help

For now, use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview Page (lower right corner), then wait five minutes for it to take effect. Then you’ll be able to see what type of certificate the site has.

If you post the URL, we can check as well.

Thanks for your answer

there also should be a problem with the main domaine because we have a significative drop down of page views and conversion rate…

Coursier is using a self-signed cert for
The main site is using a Let’s Encrypt cert, so that one is ok.

ok thanks for the info
do you know how I can cloudflare to get SSL certificat for this subdomain ?

See if you can add this one to your server:

I followed these steps but nothing changed.
Apparently I miss something when I try to import cloudflare SSL certificate to OVH.
Sorry but I’m lost with these SSL stuff.
I made a short video to show you my config. I hope it can help :

thanks @sdayman

Hi @sdayman
Have you been able to check the video? there is probably something wrong with SSL certificate renewal because I didn’t change anything before I got this issue.

After I “Pause cloudlfare” for domain
The website IP from the subdomain was pointing again to the web host : OVH
So I finally was able to activate the SSL certificate there -
Otherwise impossible to activate the SSL from the host because the IP is not pointing to the host.

But that operation didn’t solve the problem and I still have an SSL error

Another thing happens with Cloudflare DNS proxy configuration -
when DNS is NOT proxied (OFF) here is the result -
when DNS is proxied (ON) - and now I have “Error 520” i/o “Error 525” here is the result - changes each time I reload it… what’s happening

My actual config
OVH SSL certificate enableb on my subdomain
DNS config well setup, main domain ( is working perfectly
Cloudflare - enabled
Cloudflare - coursier DNS proxied -

Hi There,
Does anyone can help me to solve this issue ?
Actually I don’t know how to explain that but each time I load the website I have a different ERROR
here is a video of what I have :

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