Error 525 SSL handshake failed (not using my own certificate)

I’m just getting started using Cloudflare but I ran into an issue where I’m getting this error:

Error 525 SSL handshake failed

I want to use Cloudflare’s TLS/SSL certificate without having my own certificate on my server. I heard that this was possible but how?

Right now it seems like this is happening:

  1. I open
  2. Cloudflare proxies it to my IP (over HTTP/TLS)
  3. My home server doesn’t respond with a valid TLS/SSL certificate so it fails

But I don’t want to have to have a certificate on my home server, I want to use only Cloudflare’s certificate so my request could get proxied to

How can I achieve this?

@sandro But I heard it is possible to proxy it to a different port isn’t it?

@sandro I don’t need Full SSL encryption up to my server. It is ok for me only if it’s encrypted from client -> cloudflare. I know that reverse proxy can proxy it to port 80 so it must be possible some how…

I think I figured it out! I had to go to SSL in my cloudflare and turn off Full encryption and enable Flexible encryption. Now it seems like all https://... traffic is proxied to http://... which is what I wanted! Thanks Cloudflare!

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