Error 525: SSL Handshake Failed - IP address not reflecting properly

There are quite a few, but no answers.
Sugestions, but no actual answers that work.
Well, none I have found anyway.

I’m going to escalate this to @toby who’s catching issues that have fallen through the cracks.

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Many thanks,
hello @toby

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is he around???
would lile to get this sorted

@victoria3 Please open a ticket with our support and paste the ticket number here. Thank you.


We have not had a reply for this ticket in 3 days.
we checked the SSL with cloudflare on
Cloudflair is now paused and I would like you to do the same check, as post the results.

We can then establish, where the error is.

Hi @victoria3,

I am a member of our support team, and I am reviewing your ticket right now. Due to some sensitive information about your account, I am going to respond via the ticket.

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That’s very kind of you - thank you. Really appreciate it.