Error 525: SSL Handshake Failed - IP address not reflecting properly

Hello - I have suddenly started receiving ‘Error 525: SSL Handshake failed’ on my website ( After speaking to my original host, they asked me to go to and spotted that the IP address shown across several countries isn’t the IP address that is correct and in my A record in the DNS section of Cloudflare. My original host thinks this is the issue and why I am getting the error. I would really appreciate some help on this - I am desperate to get my website working again as I am losing valuable leads. It has been working perfectly since moving my host over to Cloudflare for months! :0(

As the 525 message says, there’s an SSL error on your server. This usually indicates a missing or invalid/expired certificate.

A five-minute check would be to toggle/click the :orange: icon in that DNS record to :grey: and then wait five minutes to take effect, then see if that hostname loads with HTTPS.

Thanks for replying to me :0) Sadly, it’s not that. I have since spoken to GoDaddy and it looks like Cloudflare don’t recognise my SSL certificate with GoDaddy Managed Wordpress. I don’t understand why this problem has suddenly arisen when everything was working fine before. I have no idea how to resolve this - if you have any ideas I would be extremely grateful :0)

That doesn’t make sense. I’m seeing a valid, recognized certificate from GoDaddy.

Is your SSL/TLS setting here “Full (Strict)”?

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Thank you again for taking the time to reply. This is my issue…yes I have a valid SSL, recognised certificate. They might be wrong - but GoDaddy said sometimes Cloudflare has compatibility issues with managed Wordpress and doesn’t recognise the SSL certificate. That doesn’t explain why it was working perfectly for four months.They are just telling me there is ‘compatibility issues’.

In answer to your question…yes, the SSL/TLS is set to full: Screenshot by Lightshot

Any advice on how to solve this massively appreciated.

Sorry I should add - my website is working okay at the moment as I have disabled Cloudflare. When I enable Cloudflare, the 525 error shows… I am happy to enable it again for a short period if it helps you look at the issue (it is when Cloudflare is enabled, GoDaddy said they think it’s not reading the SSL certificate and hence the error).

Go ahead and enable Cloudflare so we can check.

Has you site ever been enabled through a Cloudflare partner setup?

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Thank you. I have enabled Cloudflare. It is intermittent. So my website was working perfectly across my laptop, mobile and husband’s phone for couple of hours. And now I have just spotted the 525 error (along with images either not loading properly / plugins not loading / just alt text being displayed rather than images).

In answer to your question, no - my site hasn’t been enabled through a partner setup.

Thank you again for exploring this further.

I’m seeing the 525 also. How many DNS records do you have here for ‘www’?

Hello - just the one - see here: Screenshot by Lightshot

(I understand I am not supposed to disclose my IP but happy to do so if that’s okay from a security pot)

I don’t know if this is helpful at all…but I noticed something I thought was strange.

Basically, when the website is working perfectly, the padlock shows the SSL is coming from GoDaddy. When the website shows the error, the padlock shows the SSL is Cloudflare.

Wasn’t sure if that was strange or not!

Just the one DNS. It reads:

A Victoria Green Photography My IP address Proxied

Hello again - I have been delving deeper (I have had to pause Cloudflare again having left it off for half a day) to avoid too many new visitors being put off!

Previously, it had been working fine having two SSL certificates in place (Go Daddy SSL through managed wordpress) and the Cloudflare self-certified one. I wondered if now, it could be causing an issue having the two. And if so, if there a preferable one to use?

Thank you

Both of these are at your host?

One SSL is with my managed GoDaddy Press. The other is with Cloudflare.

For some reason, I am not allowed to share the screen grabs with you sadly.

It was working fine before but I wondered if it’s better to just use the one?

You need one at your hosting, and one at Cloudflare’s end.

Ah I thought so. That’s exactly how it’s setup. Just trying to think of what could possibly be wrong. My web friend who set it up looked over everything today and it all looks in order so we can’t work out where this error is coming from.

Any other ideas? I can enable Cloudflare again if that helps (i just didn’t want my website down for too long).

Thank you again for looking into this for me. It’s a bit of a conundrum!

There is a lot about this, but no clear soluton.

We are experiancing an high number of 525 errors and abnormalities with page loading.
Have spoken to GoDaddy 3rd level support, who assure us its not their end and the SSL is working correctly. We have purchased a pro plan with you to help us resolve it, only to be told to ask in here again.

We have an SSL with GoDaddy WordPress Managed Hosting, pausing Cloudflare the site works fine.
With Cloudflare on we get 525 erors or pages half loaded.
We have tried loads of the things written here and nothing seems to work.

There must be a solution to this.
@MoreHelp please…

Soz about that, didnt mean to start a new one, was just in frustration…
So, how do we test, investigate and fix this…

I believe there are other recent posts with the same situation: GoDaddy Managed Hosting and a 525.

Can you open a ticket and post the # here? (support AT cloudflare DOT com)