Error 525 SSL handshake failed at Blogspot

I have a blog on blogspot that uses SSL from Cloudflare.

Previously, my site was running normally using https. But after a few hours I tried it again but it turned out that the SSL handshake failed (error 525).
What should i do? Does anyone have the same experience?

Did you enable SSL on Blogger? Whats the domain?

yes, enable it
the domain is

And is your domain properly configured at Blogger? Can you post a screenshot of the Blogger settings?

this is the configuration at blogspot

That looks alright, however bypassing Cloudflare and going straight to Google you’ll also receive an SSL error. You can disable proxying in your control panel (set the records in question to :grey:) and verify it yourself. Maybe the certificate on Blogger hasnt been issued yet.

now like this

Precisely, there is an issue on Google’s side.

i see, oke

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