Error 525 SSL Handshake Error..However, cloudflare SSL is configurate in flexible

Hello everybody,

I am a newbie on Cloudflare. 2 days old :slight_smile:

I encounter a problem between cloudflare and my hoster [ ] :

Cloudflare : i migrate DNS entries as cloudflare ask for CNAME, i choose flexible SSL, and convert any HTTP request to HTTPS.

Gandi : simple hosting in HTTP, no HTTPS redirections or certificate on it. I even turn of the only redirection i had http://domain.fr

However, i had a 525 SSL Handshake error [ so between cloudflare and Gandi ]
The site in question →

Thx in advance,

Gandi uses Let’s Encrypt for hosting. Have them enable HTTPS for your site, then set SSL/TLS to Full-Strict.

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Not on simple hosting : this is the basic/starter offer - without SSL certificate [ this is why i am trying to use CloudFlare ] - If, i want an SSL certificate ith gandi, i have to use simple hosting ‘S+’


Maybe you were right…I finally found a ‘pseudo free ssl certificate’…which don’t givez you https hosting(well…) - Hidden, that i cancelled…But : still the 525 handshake error
Will wait a bit - let’s see.

Hello again,

It’s fixed !

There was a redundancy of redirecting http traffic → https with ‘page rules’ - It was in SSL section + pages rules.

Removing the one in pages rules allow the system to finally work between cloudflare and gandi in Flexible.

Have a good day,

Congratulations, you just made your site insecure.

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