Error 525 SSL failed

Dont you already have a thread about that topic?

yes it was a friend who opened the post early on time

A friend with a very similar name.

Anyhow, I guess the server is still misconfigured and from that perspective a 525 is probably not much of a surprise. You need to fix your server.

01-Well I took the mailbox of the site here is everything, the name is by default to give you more details
02-for the site when I put cloudflare on pause the site works very well but when I put back cloudflare I have this error intermittently

You appear to have moved the domain to another Cloudflare account since yesterday.

Yesterday, your server did not work very well as I addressed in my other response. I assume this hasnt been fixed yet, so you’d need to address that. If you have, you probably still have an issue with your server and should check out the #CommunityTip for 525.

I have no problem on the site without cloudflare, the free ssl works fine.

as I just explained above, the problem comes when I start cloudflare, but when I pause cloudflare the site works fine

Did you check out the mentioned link?

As @sdayman said, your site loads fine over Cloudflare right now.

If you have intermittent issues, your server’s HTTPS listener will intermittently not work properly. You best have a look at your server logs in this case.

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maybe i bother you by asking my problem?
your link does not include error 525 but I did a search on the forum before posting my message

I always have a problem with Cloudflare, when I put cloudflare on pause my site works and when I put back cloudflare I have this error, I just contact my host, they tell me that everything is functional on their side…

You have a problem with your webserver, not Cloudflare :slight_smile:

At this point I would recommend you pause Cloudflare altogether (bottom right on your Overview screen) and first sort out these server issues. Once everything is up and running you unpause Cloudflare again.

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But when I pause cloudflare the site works fine

Fair enough, though going through Cloudflare it also loads fine right now


Can you unpause it and check again?

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he’s been on break since this morning …

Ehm, that is what I addressed :slight_smile:

i will activate cloudflare and monitor…

Here when I activate cloudflare I have the same error

Loads fine for me, so it will be specific to the Parisian datacentre. In this case the most likely explanation will be that your server is not properly responding to requests from that datacentre.

Check out Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error and make sure Cloudflare isnt blocked on your server in any way.

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