Error 525 Showing on my Website

Your site is working fine for me and is proxied through Cloudflare. Are you still having the issue?

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Yes. When I open on a different device, the blog isn’t updated with the recent post and some part of the website is broken

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By the sound of it, you might have some caching issues if your recent post is not displaying. However, I checked your site, the page currently returned cf-cache-status: dynamic headers (this means Cloudflare is passing request back to your origin server). I can also see other cache is also in the header: x-ezoic-cdn: Hit ds;mm;48d6c54fdb3dbae5bb05e2507452574b;2-238701-0;ec6f0dac-1675-4f9e-5c02-261a33eeab63

You can try grey cloud in the DNS to bypass Cloudflare and check back on the page, make sure you have your browser cache disabled, if you are still seeing not updated recent post, I would suggest to go back to Ezoic for further investigation.

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Hi @ella Thank you for this.

How do I get to the grey cloud in the DNS. This is become frustrating for over 24hours.

Kindly assist.

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You can go to DNS > select the related domain / subdomian > edit > click on the orange cloud

On this section right? All or selected few?

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Yes, you only need to grey cloud the relevant hostnames where you had problem with displaying recent posts.

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If I may just to add a note here despite the topics around eZoic, if you are using eZoic, may I also ask to check if you integrated or allowed Cloudflare to connect within their interface?
If so, any changes you made on DNS side etc. will be removed at Cloudflare dashboard. You would need to manage and make changes to DNS from their interface.

If you’ve cleared the Cloudflare cache (Purge Everything) and that doesn’t do it, then you’ll have to nag Ezoic.

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I had this exact same issue. I had been hosting with A2Hosting for 6 months and suddenly a couple weeks or so ago this issue started. I worked with their support and scoured Cloudflare, asked the questions here in forum and never was able to find a solution. Well, actually I did find a solution, I was using A2Hosting for my VPS side of hosting and I have WPMUDev as my WordPress Hosting…My WordPress hosting is not experiencing the issue at all. I ended up moving my VPS hosting ScalaHosting and I have had absolutely no issues since without changing anything in Cloudflare on any domains…

Since this issue is present in some hosting environments and not in other hosting environments then the logic would say that it is not a Cloudflare issue, rather most likely a security or set up setting that the local hosts are using on their servers or cPanel/WHM setup. My host also attempted to pass the buck on to Cloudflare and made the statements that they see no issue even though my hosting clients were contacting me about noticing the same issue. This meant:

  1. The problem wasn’t me. It was being experienced by others in other areas of the U.S. and on different devices.
  2. This was unlikely a Cloudflare issue since the problem was only being experienced on specific servers. Meaning all sites on Cloudflare with same settings were not experiencing the issue, only those on specific hosts.


  1. Either disable Cloudflare and stop using it as suggested by Web hosting support
  2. Change to a web hosting company that is not having compatibility issues with Cloudflare.

I should also say that it is important to find a hosting company that has a support department that is willing to truly investigate rather than assume (A common issue with us in IT) and work with Cloudflare on their side rather than jumping the gun and simply blaming another service and passing the problem back on you.