Error 525 — hosting company unable to resolve.. please help!

So my website ( suddenly began returning a 525 Error today. Haven’t done or changed anything on the website in several days.

I called my host company (ionos) and we spent about 20-30 minutes troubleshooting and trying different things to resolve the issue. They were unable to do so and asked me to contact Cloudflare to get some guidance. They think there might be something that needs changing on the DNS records but apparently it all looks good on their end so we are all a bit bewildered.

I even tried to change my cloudflare settings from Full to Flexible (and even completely “off”), but then it started showing a different error screen: that the website tried to redirect me too many times.

Can anyone provide some guidance here? Please help!!! I will be eternally appreciative. :slight_smile:

Your host dropped your server certificate for some reason. Only they can fix that I am afraid.

As you changed the encryption mode, just make sure it is back to “Full strict” and once your host has fixed the issue, the site should load again.

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