Error 525 - handshake failed


I am forwarding from one cloudflare domain to another and setup page rules to redirect.
It works for but not for
I read all troubleshoot info but couldn’t identify the issue - attached are my settings. Any help most welcome.

Hi there,

First of all, you’ve set Cloudflare’s IP addresses in your DNS which is not going to work. You’d need to point to your own IP addresses, such as from your webserver.

Apart from that, when using SSL on Full or Full (Strict), you’d need to support SSL/TLS (https) on your webserver, as well as have a certificate installed. You can use Origin CA for that or use the ones your hosting provider provides. Otherwise, you’d need to set your SSL level to the less secure “Flexible” which connects to your web server via insecure plain text http://.

Thank you for your help.

I did as you said but without success - attached are the current settings.
(I also tried without certificate and flexibel SSL/TLS but no change.)

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