Error 525 - FULL but not FLEXIBLE

Hi guys! First time posting and I did a little digging around before I’m posting this but there seems to be multiple answers for the same issue that don’t seem to resolve it.

I’m getting a 525 error when I use FULL on the SSL options. But flexible seems to work fine.

Any tips/advice on why that is would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Them’s fightin’ words.

:joy: It’s that NOT RECOMMENDED bit I don’t like, hence the question.

IONOS doesn’t let you add a certificate at their side when you point your DNS away, so, wouldn’t mind so much if I could. Rock and a hard place!

What do I do?

I should add… this site is only acting as a “CV” or product demo page. It’s not gong to store any specific data. Nobody signs up or anything so not sure if I even need to think about the why’s.

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