Error 525 as admin but I cannot also verify my website

**Hi there,

from the time I 've changed my DNS to Cloudflare website for free SSL, I have many times errors. Now I have the 525 error but the problem is that I cannot also verify my ownership in Webmaster tools.
(I don’t know why is keep asking me these verifications though, I 've verified it in the past and still keep asking me)
So, what do I do now? I have this error and I also cannot visit my site…**

Any insights please???

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Please don’t give me a canned answer,
describe to me step by step what I need to do,
I told you that I am the admin.

Common causes

The most common causes include:

  • The origin web server does not have a valid SSL certificate installed.
  • The origin web server is not listening on port 443 (or other custom secure port).
  • The origin web server does not support or is not configured properly for SNI.
  • The cipher suites that Cloudflare accepts and the cipher suites that the origin server supports do not match.

However, there could be other intermittent conditions that can cause Error 525

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my origin web server is still on Godaddy?
Isn’t it on CF??

When you transition to Cloudflare, your actual web server is still hosted somewhere else. CF just provides the CDN/SSL/etc. Since you’re on GoDaddy, you should go to the SSL/TLS app and set SSL to “flexible”.

O.k I did that, do you think that would solve my issue?

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