Error 525 after migrating to other server and using certbot

I migrated from one VPS provider to another 2 days ago and in the new VPS, I have installed Let’sEncrypt certificate using
certbot --apache -d -d
However, after changing my DNS records to point to root and www, it just shows error 525. I’ve tried disabling Cloudflare for the website, but it just shows error 525 again.
I have also contacted support of my current provider, but after they looking at the apache2 configuration of virtualhosts, they said that the problem is not in the server.
Therefore I’m writing here.
As mentioned before, the domain is When I point it back to the old server IP, it works just fine.

Thank you for your help in advance

You’ll have to unproxy that site until you get it working. Either “Pause Cloudflare on site” from the Overview tab, or edit that hostname in DNS so it’s :grey: DNS Only.

And how will unproxying the site help me? I have already tried doing that but it still showed the error 525, but now not as a Cloudflare page.

If it’s unproxied, then it’s a direct connection to your server where your Let’s Encrypt certificate is installed. Your site should function with HTTPS before you proxy it with Cloudflare.

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