Error 525 & 520 - Why?

moviste el sitio a wpengine, o sea que cambiaste de hosting y te soluciono el problema

Can you not simple update your hosts file to point the URL of your wordpress blog directly to the host rather than cloudflare? you would then bypass cloudflare on your local machine, if the site still fails then it is an issue with the provider. If not then it could be an issue with cloudflare.

I have been having similar issues with some websites I manage. A couple of them are on GoDaddy Managed WordPress with a GoDaddy SSL certificate. Last week I started having the same errors that everyone else is having when Cloudflare is turned on. Pausing Cloudflare completely or turning off the DNS proxy will fix this issue, but it defeats the purpose of having Cloudflare setup.

I have other websites on FlyWheel hosting and that works quite well with Cloudflare. Their support is 100x better than GoDaddy’s as they actually look into your issues instead of blowing you off. I am happy to help someone move or get setup there to get them off of GoDaddy, just reach out to me.

I am hoping someone can help us resolve the problems with sites at GoDaddy as I have some sites we can’t move quite yet.