Error 525 & 520 - Why?

About 6pm EST last night our site started going up and down. CloudFlare is showing an Error 525 and Error 520. Check with GoDaddy, everything is okay on their end.
The site has been always worked fine since we set it up on CloudFlare months ago. Has something changed with Cloud Flare? I see some other people are experience similar problems. Can anyone shed light on this problem?

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Clearly, this is not the case, and this is their typical response. Let’s start with the 520, which often leads to a 525 because GoDaddy’s error response does not contain a proper SSL cert for your domain.

A 520 error occurs when the connection started on the origin web server, but that the request was not completed. The most common reason why this would occur is that either a program, cron job, or resource is taking up more resources than it should causing the server not to be able to respond to all requests properly.

Review the Quick Fix Ideas in this Community Tip for troubleshooting suggestions.

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Upon further investigation into this problem. I see CloudFlare had an issue this morning Increased HTTP Errors in Los Angeles (LAX). When I do a traceroute of my site times out when ever it goes through Los Angeles. Is Error 525 related at all to this problem they are seeing in Los Angeles?

A global test shows 525 and 520 errors in several continents, so I don’t think it’s related to the LAX problem.

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I started seeing the same issue last night around the same time. GoDaddy Managed Wordpress, error 525 SSL Handshake Failed. I hoped the issue would resolve itself but it looks like its still happening. I haven’t reached out to GoDaddy support yet as they usually aren’t much help.

A lot of people recently are facing similar problems all around!
Check for malicious files and code in your website.

Just an idea…

I checked. It’s not the cplugin.php. That is no where to be found in my files.
What else could it be?

I am also getting the same 520 error since yesterday, traffic down sales down . Checked with GoDaddy everything seems okay from their side. Contacted cloudflare but the response is not good. Don’t know what to do now

Same here. GoDaddy said everything is fine. Submitted a ticket to cloudflare and all I can get back is their a page on their site which says what to check. No response from an actual person. I’m going to have to take my site off cloudflare later today if I can’t get someone to help with the problem.

tengo el mismo problema desde el Lunes a la 8pm, esperaba se solucionará solo porque una vez paso y listo, pero en esta ocasión no veo solución, empezó como una falla, entraba y salia y luego ya no hay forma

No puedo entender como compañías con tanto prestigio mundial se pueden dar el lujo de tener este tipo de fallo, eso da mucho que pensar.

I’ve put cloudflare in development mode and my sight is not experiencing 525 errors. But once I take it out of development mode the 525 errors come back. Any insight form anyone?

Change the host, i was with GoDaddy they never listen, always blames Cloudflare, and later the issue is in their servers.

Cause of 525 is SSL Handshake leading to not a proper configed SSL issued on the server backend. If you are on Basic Managed Hosting of GoDaddy you might face this as it doesnt includes a SSL, if you are using Ultimate, it includes free SSL for a year purchase. The one you are seeing right now is self-signed and not configed on backend.

Temp solution: Pause the site on Cloudflare.

GoDaddy never settles these type of issues, personal experience. You will waste time and yes if you have bought a longer period of hosting better ask for refund, i got a year plan purchased and got late as they have refund policy where i cannot request for refund after specific time period.

Edit: If you dont want your traffic to be effected better pause before things go down and red.

This is what happens when you wait for GoDaddy support to fix the issue.

Screenshot from 2020-10-15 19-52-37

And God knows how much work i have put on my site days and sleepless nights, and just because of a stupid silly error this is where i am right now. From 22k per month to 7k. Thanks GoDadddy.

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The issue was still persisting as of yesterday afternoon so I moved our site to wpengine. Worked without any issues as soon as it was moved. Great experience and support so far.

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I am experiencing the same issue across my sites. Some have SSL certificates on the host, some don’t and use only Clouflare flexible SSL.

I am onIONOS hosting (formerly 1&1). They claim everything is OK at their end.

No idea what is causing this issue by it started happening just recently.

This is confusing, they accuse each other and in the end you do not know who is at fault, if it is Cloudflare then where you want it to go you will have the same problem, if it is hosting then you will not have the problems solved.

Cloudflare is never the issue in such errors, most of the time its the origin.

Second, things worked right after changing the origin with proper and configured SSL.

I would say if you are hosting via GoDaddy, don’t use Cloudflare or dont use Managed Wordpress Plan go with the CPanel where you have the access to SSL and other stuff.

The thing that is also confusing we’ve used Cloudflare and GoDaddy Managed WP for 10 months and not any issues. Then all of sudden this error has come up. What frustrates me about Cloudflare is there lack of customer services. I’ve put in several support tickets about this issue asking for some assistance and all I get is a canned message. There are enough people experiencing this issue it would be nice if Cloudflare and GoDaddy could get together and figure out the issue.

For now I’ve moved my DNS back to GoDaddy. Next week I’ll figure out where to go from here.

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We are in the same, what surprises me is that it is exactly the same as me, 10 months without problems and suddenly the problems

moviste el sitio a wpengine, o sea que cambiaste de hosting y te soluciono el problema