Error 524 with no issues on origin server? Server is well under utilization limits (under 40% across the board)


So I have a wordpress website: registered on Godaddy, Pointing to another host, and that hosts cpanel pointing to Cloudflare.

So far everything has been fine. I had to make some updates, so I disabled Cloudflare, A and www Cname record, and the Litespeed cache plugin on wordpress, then put the site into maintenance mode to make my changes.

Everything was fine, until I completed my task. I removed matenenence mode, turned on litespeed cache plugin, then restored the A and www CNAME record on cloudflair.

Now I am getting a 524 error, Its been 40 minuets and I cannot get my site to come back up!?
If anyone can give me tips, I would surely appreciate it, this site is for a local news client, there is currently no strain on my server, and it still works in the back end via wordpress and on google chrome, but FF, IE, or any other new device simply gets the 542 error!!

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