Error 524 when uploading H5p content

When we tried to upload H5P to our website, error 524 appear. We cannot used the content o our website. We are using moodle 3.9++, Azure cloud.

Hey there,

When you are displayed/receive an Error 524, this indicates that Cloudflare successfully connected to your origin, however, your origin did not provide an HTTP response before the default 100 second connection timed out. You can read more on this Here.

If you do happen to run HTTP requests that can possibly take over 100 seconds to complete (for example large data exports), I recommend trying to move those processes behind a subdomain that isnt’t proxied. This will mean that it’s DN-only/(grey clouded) in the Cloudflare DNS records tab.

If you have an Enterprise plan, you can run the following API call to increase your timeout’s from 100 seconds up to 6000 seconds.

I hope this helps!

Hi, Already done that except to increase api call.
We don’t have enterprise plan.
Any other method?

Your only other method will be to run the HTTP requests that take over 100 seconds to complete over a :grey: grey-clouded(DNS-Only) subdomain.

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