Error 524 when cloudflare is enable



I am having error 524 when trying access to the wp-admin of my website (the users didn’t notice any issue). I talked with the hosting and they told me it was a problem with cloudflare so I disable it and now it is working again. I tried to enable and again I get the error. Someone has this problem before? I have been using cloudflare with no issues for one year.


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Without Cloudflare, how long does it take for your admin panel to load?

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Pingdom says that it takes 4.34 sec

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Then that’s not it. It could just be that your host is ignoring Cloudflare requests for wp-admin. Does wp-login.php work?

Since Pingdom says it’s less than five seconds, your host is going to have to track down why their server isn’t responding to the Cloudflare request. As the article I linked to suggests, Cloudflare made a connection to your server, but didn’t get a response. Your host can track this down, though it sounds like they don’t want to.

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