Error 524 using cloud

Hi Community,

I am very new with CloudFlare and I am facing some error 524 while I was testing my SMTP from my wordpress portal of my site and I just wanted to use CDN of cloudflare to make my site speed fast but after DNS propagation after 48 hours I am getting error 524. My hosting company says, the issue is from CloudFlare. I am bouncing here and there.

Can please someone help? Its urgent.

Assuming you used the search you most certainly came across Community Tip - Fixing Error 524: A timeout occurred.

What’s unclear about that?

Yes, I did go through it and I am still talking with agents of my hosting company Hostgator but they are not able to help so escalated the ticket to admin. I really need help here.

Cloudflare cannot do anything here. If your server takes longer than 100 seconds you will get that message. All you can do is unproxy the record on Cloudflare (switch to :grey:).

Here is what an online agent says to me right now:
I have checked and our server response time is not 100 seconds, it is just 4 seconds, still I am escalating to the team if there is anything else we can do in this case
I have very limited access to check further in server settings and I am escalating it, please wait for an update from admins and they will update you.

How can I unproxy the record to hosting company? I can see edit button in DNS tab but I don’t see the option to unproxy and what record to unproxy?

You edit the record and switch from :orange: to :grey:.

Ok, now I can see how to do that. Which records to be switched? I am very new to this things. Sorry for not able to catch you faster.

Thank you Sandro with your help, I fixed the issue which I was facing. Email Test of SMTP successfully done. Now I can resume my business. Stay safe out there. God Bless.

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