Error 524 Shown by Cloudflare

my website using Cloudflare is throwing error 524. When i checked if my website is up or not using downforeveryorjustme, it shows that website is up and running. What could be the issue? site name is oldbookdepot(dot)in

What’s your hosting provider?

That domain is not using Cloudflare. It’s using fastdirectadminserver name servers and points to OVH servers.

@sdayman @marketpro65, thank you both for the replies. I disabled cloudflare and the issue stopped. Therefore I changed the nameservers back. Just now I got the reply from hosting company that there was some bug in directadmin that led to this and they are moving me to new server right now which should end this conflict that was happening with cloudflare.

Could you guys tell me how to enable cloudflare again once the servers are changed? Do i need to simply change the nameservers back to the ones provided by cloudflare or anything else will also be needed to change?

Hi @easydestination,

If the domain still shows in your Cloudflare account, just change the nameservers to those specified under your records in the DNS section of your dashboard. If it has been removed, you will need to add the domain and set it up again.

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