Error 524 related to Propagation?

Hi! Currently, our website is yielding the Error 524. I already contacted my host and they said It’s just propagation and I just needed to wait.

I’m not really a techy person so I would just want to confirm if it can indeed be just the record isn’t completely propagated. I’m wondering this since the error says the Cloudflare is able to connect with the server but the server didn’t respond in time. And, if it isn’t propagated yet, then my old website on an old server would load. I’m I wrong?


I am afraid this would seem to be yet another support fairy tale :wink:

A 524 occurs when your webserver takes too long to respond to Cloudflare. This is not related at all to propagation of DNS data. Either the IP address configured on Cloudflare is correct, in which case there is an issue with the server, or it is not correct, in which case it needs to be updated and no waiting for any propagation will ever fix that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! Yes, I’m seriously doubting the chat agent since he/she still keeps on insisting that I should wait about 4-12 hrs and I should just contact them again after if the issue still persists…

In any case, I’ll try and contact them again hoping to have a better support agent assigned to me.

Thanks again @sandro

If you’d like you could post the hostname in question and maybe we can dig out something more :slight_smile:

It’s Bluehost wordpress pro plan. I’ve managed to get through their propagation reason and they’re fixing what seems to be a server issue. Our site is already down for more than 10 hrs now. I’m already thinking of changing hosts but i’m not sure which one to choose and which one would help us migrate the server easily.

That was a little ambiguous :slight_smile:. I didnt mean the name of your webhost but the hostname of the machine, the domain name plus whatever you comes before it (typically “www”).

the domain is they apparently banned our account due to performance issues that is affecting their server as a whole.

This never happened when i’m using as the domain, so I was thinking that this may be related to an attack that specifically targets as we’ve also experience a sudden surge in CPU usage and it bogged down the server. what fixed it for us back then was activating the “under attack” mode of Cloudflare’s firewall. I never had the chance to actually trace it.

They’re currently reviewing the site again as I’ve explained the above to them.

So currently the connection is technically working, however the site is suspended, right?

Apparently. I never got to test the site working after I talked to them regarding the timeout issue. I never got any update if they fixed the first issue. The weird thing about that is the other website that is also attached to the same account seems to be loading just fine during the timeout problem so I’m really wondering if what ever is in my other website ( is really affecting their server as a whole.

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