Error 524 Ray ID: 63c4a6bcffc938b9 • 2021-04-07 16:32:20 UTC A timeout occurred


I am trying to insert or upload records from the xml file to the database but I am getting the 524 error. I saw it was limited to 100 seconds in request. I want remove limite.
I need help



Are you using phpMyAdmin interface? Does it take longer than 100 seconds to upload and execute the request?
If so, can you try uploading a compressed database or xml file, or even via command line?

The PHP request could continue in the background even if you got 524 timeout error.

I am afraid you cannot change it. You need to finish everything in under 100 seconds. Otherwise you need to change your approach. I believe only Enterprise plans can extend this time.

Other way is to simply and temporarly unproxy your DNS record by switching to :grey: as the documentation from below suggests. Keep in mind, this will reveal your origin’s address (should that be of concern). When finished, switch back to :orange: cloud.

Suggestions regarding 524 error:

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