Error 524 on WordPress wp-admin only

Timeout error 524 on Wordpress wp-admin only – site is up and running. Server has been rebooted. CPU and network load are nominal. I have access to root and the back-end panel (in this case, CyberPanel, also JUST updated) is loading fine.

Cloudflare also shows normal traffic. Set site to DEV MODE, and even tried Under Attack mode; the issue persists.

Even if I knew what plugin was causing the problem, I can’t access wp-admin to disable it.

I see other CF users have had this issue, but none of the comment threads get to resolution.

I’d prefer not to roll back to a backup, but I’m about to if I can’t figure this out pretty quickly.

Help? Thanks!

Well now I’m REALLY at a loss – I just restored from a 3-day old backup, and the problem persists. I had installed a few new plugins in the last couple of days, but they’re all newer than the image I just restored.

The website is still (back) up and running, but I am STILL getting a 524 timeout on the wp-admin page.

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