Error 524 on webshop!

#CommunityTip 524 error

Hi all,

I’m sorry but i’m new to Cloudflare. I have and new webshop over met then 8000 products. The site became very slow to Cloudflare maby the solution. But now i’m stuck and my website is not working.

The backend panel is direct admin and website is running on wordpress.

See inclosed the cloudflare dashboard settings and mine direct admin. Can somebody please help me?

Kind regards

I am afraid that is an issue with your site. The HTTP to HTTPS redirect on your site alone takes a minute already.

You need to contact whomever maintains your site.

Hi Sandro really thanks for you anser. I own my own server. So what can I do to resolve this?! Here are the settings from my direct admin cloudflare2|530x500

You need to fix that on your server, performance issues are a common theme when a Wordpress setup has not been properly configured, however unfortunately that is beyond the scope of the forum here. You might want to checkout StackExchange or Reddit for that.

Ooh ok! Sorry for this. I hope I can find it beacuse i’m stuck right now

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