Error 524 on update website - Need to clear browser

I need help to understand and solve the problem.
When I apply new features on my website, all browser reloads end with the 524 cloudflare error.
But if I kill the browser cache / session / cookie or refresh with a private session, everything is fine.
The problem beginned from September. Before september, no problem.
Could you help me ?

As you were prompted :wink: you can find that using that search at

However that issue should really not be dependent on your local browser or its cache. That would be probably rather a coincidence.

Post as many details about your site as possible, domain name, DNS records, URLs where you experience the issue and so on.

Thanks for your response.
I read it before post my message :slight_smile:

This is not a coincidence, I have try many times and every time the only solution for my customer was to clear browser cache/session or start a new private session.

When I refresh my browser after a server code update, there is no apache log access and it finish with error 524.
Cloudflare is trying to connect but no logs on my server ??
Open new browser, everything work fine …

Again, I should be surprised if that was remotely related to anything local. That error message indicates an issue between Cloudflare and your server. Nothing local should really influence that, especially not if you clear the cache (the other way could still be possible, that a request fails but if you have it in the cache it does not fail because it takes it from the cache).

Yes I understand, but I confirm the problem … Why there is no access log on browser refresh after code update ? I have disconnect cloudflare just for test, and no problem without cloudflare. Any idea ?

No offence, but I wrote twice what you should do. Not going to post it a third time :wink:

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